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About Frida  Boräng
Frida Boräng received her PhD in political science from the University of Gothenburg in 2013, and is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and Research Fellow at the Quality of Government Institute (QoG). She is also affiliated to the Centre for European Research at University of Gothenburg (CERGU). Her dissertation National Institutions – International Migration: Labour Markets, Welfare States and Immigration Policy studies how labour market and welfare state institutions influence immigration policy.

Frida's research interests include immigration policy, comparative political economy, welfare state research, interest groups and advocacy, institutions, and democratic performance.

She is part of a team of researchers working on the Performance of Democracies Project (PERDEM). She is also involved in projects that concern interest groups and advocacy: 'Who are the lobbyists? A population study of interest groups in Sweden'; and 'The mobilization of attitudinal bias? Attitudinal representativeness of organized interests'. She is also involved in the project 'Good governing of rural electrification processes in Eastern Africa – The importance of formal and informal institutions'.

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National Institutions – International Migration National Institutions – International Migration
Frida Boräng
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