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Deeds and Words Deeds and Words
Gendering Politics after Joni Lovenduski
Sarah  Childs (Author)
Rosie  Campbell (Editor)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910259450
Page Extent: 288 pp

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About the Book

How does feminism shake up political science, the study of politics and electoral politics? What difference do feminist political scientists and politicians make to political institutions, policy processes and outcomes? The scholarship and activism of pioneering feminist political scientist Professor Joni Lovenduski helped establish these questions on the political science agenda.

This book addresses key themes in Lovenduski’s seminal work. State-of-the-art chapters by leading scholars cover gender and parties; elected institutions and the state; quotas and recruitment; public opinion and women’s interests. Vignettes by prominent politicians and practitioners, including Dame Anne Begg MP, Baroness Gould, Deborah Mattinson, and the Rt Hon Theresa May, bring the academic analysis to life.

Deeds and Words reveals the impact of feminist interventions on politics in the round. Its groundbreaking assessment of feminist scholarship and politics offers an appraisal of, and fitting tribute to, Lovenduski’s own contribution to gender studies and feminist politics.

'Deeds and Words shows how feminist scholarship has exposed the gender underpinnings of electoral and political institutions – and how it has helped change political science, and politics itself. This well-conceived volume does full justice to the work of renowned scholar Joni Lovenduski, a pioneer in studying women and politics, whose career has been devoted to understanding and promoting the issues and reforms these essays examine.'
Susan J Carroll, Rutgers University

'This fine book traces the evolution of gendered analyses of politics, captures the latest advances in the field, and links the expanding research agenda to the continuing challenges of gendering political life. It is a major contribution.'
Anne Phillips, London School of Economics and Political Science

'For this volume, top-notch scholars and leading practitioners reflect carefully on feminist scholarship in politics and political science, in recognition of Professor Joni Lovenduski, whose seminal work laid the foundations for comparative gender politics. A book that will stay within quick reach on my bookshelf.'
Miki Caul Kittilson, Arizona State University

'This book is tangible evidence of Joni Lovenduski’s powerful impact on the development of gender and politics scholarship. Deeds and Words is not only a heartwarming testament to an outstanding scholar who proved that scientific excellence and social engagement go hand in hand; it will also prove an enduring reference for the topics and issues it addresses.'
Petra Meier, University of Antwerp

'This volume is an impressive tribute to the significance and influence of the scholarship and feminist politics of Professor Joni Lovenduski. It also demonstrates how far feminist political science has come theoretically and empirically within the UK, and globally, under Lovenduski's scrupulous and generous guidance. Edited by two of Lovenduski’s protégées, this work brings together a range of experts, from the academy and the real world of politics, each of whom traverses the intellectual development and practical implications of the subfield’s strands across time and space. The chapters reveal a diverse, compelling and growing body of feminist scholarship that has continuously challenged traditional disciplinary concepts (power, the state, representation), the nature of institutions and interests, and methodological choice, demanding these incorporate a consideration of gender and feminism in all their complexity. The result is a rich and valuable tapestry of what has come to constitute feminist political science, and reflecting Lovenduski’s foundational contribution. Deeds and Words represents an important source of what now must constitute a core subfield of political science.'
Jennifer Curtin, University of Auckland


  Pub Date:

July 2015


Peter  Allen (Contributor)
Faith  Armitage (Contributor)
Drude  Dahlerup (Contributor)
Ana  Espírito-Santo (Contributor)
Yvonne  Galligan (Contributor)
Meryl  Kenny (Contributor)
Mona Lena  Krook (Contributor)
Fiona  Mackay (Contributor)
Rosa  Malley (Contributor)
Amy  Mazur (Contributor)
Dorothy  McBride (Contributor)
Rainbow  Murray (Contributor)
Pippa  Norris (Contributor)
Joyce  Outshoorn (Contributor)
Vicky  Randall (Contributor)
Jennifer  Rubin (Contributor)


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