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Far Right Parties and Euroscepticism Far Right Parties and Euroscepticism
Patterns of Opposition
Sofia  Vasilopoulou (Author)
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781785522291
Page Extent: 200 pp

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About the Book

Why do parties that belong to the same party family address the EU question differently? This book addresses this question through a systematic analysis of the EU positions of far right parties in Europe.

Starting from the assumption that parties are rational vote-maximising actors, the book argues that the way they interpret structural incentives depends largely on the party’s relationship with democracy, its attitude towards the polity, its target electorate/social basis, and its behaviour towards competitors. Classification on these indicators leads to the identification of three far right party models: ‘anti-system’; ‘anti-liberal’ and ‘normalised’.

Given that the EU is a core issue in far right parties’ toolkit, it becomes a key policy in party competition. Anti-system parties tend to opt for a rejectionist position on the EU; anti-liberal parties tend to be conditional Eurosceptics; and normalised parties tend to adopt a compromising position on the EU. The specific narrative that a party may employ in order to frame Europe domestically depends on how it perceives national identity.


  Pub Date:

October 2017


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