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Regional Actors in Multilateral Negotiations Regional Actors in Multilateral Negotiations
Active and Successful?
Diana  Panke (Author)
Stefan  Lang (Author)
Anke  Wiedemann (Author)
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781786606693
Page Extent: 200 pp

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About the Book

Since the end of the Second World War, not only the number of international regimes and organisations, but also the number of regional organisations and groups increased considerably.

Today, states are often members of regional and international organisations at the same time and cover similar policies in both. This contributes to a regionalisation of international relations since not only states, but also regional actors are active in international negotiations.

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of how active and influential regional actors are in today’s international negotiations. Based on a quantitative analysis of more than 500 international negotiations and three in-depth case studies, the book explains why some regional actors are more vocal than others in international organisations, and why they differ concerning their prospects for success.

'Regional Actors in Multilateral Negotiations is one of the first studies of the conditions under which regional actors influence international negotiations and their outcomes. The methodologically sophisticated comparison of more than 60 regional organisations provides important insights on the regionalisation of world politics and makes a major contribution to the emerging field of comparative regionalism.'
Tanja A. Börzel, Freie Universität Berlin


  Pub Date:

February 2018


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