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Gendered Mobilizations and Intersectional Challenges Gendered Mobilizations and Intersectional Challenges
Contemporary Social Movements in Europe and North America
Jill A.  Irvine (Author)
Sabine  Lang (Author)
Celeste  Montoya (Author)
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781785522901
Page Extent: 272 pp

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About the Book

A long and ongoing challenge for social justice movements has been how to address difference. Traditional strategies have often emphasized universalizing messages and common identities as means of facilitating collective action. Feminist movements, gay liberation movements, racial justice movements, and even labour movements, have all focused predominantly on respective singular dimensions of oppression. Each has called on diverse groups of people to mobilize, but without necessarily acknowledging or grappling with other relevant dimensions of identity and oppression. While focusing on commonality can be an effective means of mobilization, universalist messages can also obscure difference and can serve to exclude and marginalize groups in already precarious positions. Scholars and activists, particularly those located at the intersection of these movements, have long advocated for more inclusive approaches that acknowledge the significance and complexity of different social locations, with mixed success.

Gender Mobilizations and Intersectional Challenges provides a much needed intersectional analysis of social movements in Europe and the United States. With an emphasis on gendered mobilization, it looks at movements traditionally understood and/or classified as singularly gendered as well as those organized around other dimensions of identity and oppression or at the intersection of multiple dimensions. This comparative study of movements allows for a better understanding of the need for as well as the challenges


  Pub Date:

July 2019


Fernando  Tormos (Contributor)
Pauline  Cullen (Contributor)
Andrea  Krizsan (Contributor)
Raluca  Popa (Contributor)
Elena  Gutiérrez (Contributor)
Silke  Roth (Contributor)
Clare  Saunders (Contributor)
Andrea  Spehar (Contributor)
Phillip  Ayoub (Contributor)
Akwugo  Emejulu (Contributor)
Ethel  Tungohan (Contributor)
Nicole  Doerr (Contributor)
Petra  Ahrens (Contributor)


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