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Situating Governance Situating Governance
Context, Content, Critique
Antonino  Palumbo (Author)
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781907301681
Page Extent: 366 pp

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About the Book

Governance studies present the Regulatory State or the Networked Polity as superior functional solutions to the welfarist forms of government established after the Second World War.

Recalling the criticisms advanced by a rising second generation of research, Palumbo warns instead about the growing accountability gap and democratic deficit caused by the development of governance regimes at local, national and transnational level.

In hollowing out traditional liberal democratic institutions, new modes of governance are ushering in a post-democratic policy environment that is reinforcing the legitimacy crisis affecting representative institutions worldwide. By contrast with other critical accounts since the 2008 financial crisis, this book shows that the current post-democratic drift is due neither to the hegemonic power acquired by neoliberal ideas nor to the pressures exercised by impersonal systemic forces. As result, it puts forward a political reading of change that casts a new light on both state activism and restructuring.

'The literature on governance has been expanding rapidly, and Nino Palumbo has provided both a good summary of the existing literature and a significant enhancement to that literature. His important book examines the content of the governance literature, but does so in historical and comparative context. The emphasis on context in understanding how governance functions, and the likelihood of success in governing, distinguishes this work from many more abstract presentations of the subject. In addition, his critiques of governance – as theory and practice – are cogent and well-considered.'
B Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh

'Antonino Palumbo engages in the rare undertaking of an explicitly normative investigation into concepts and practices of governance. Grounding his analysis in the political, Palumbo interrogates unwarranted claims for the superiority of “governance” over “government” and discloses the performativity of dominant governance heuristics, the regulatory state and networked polity. He prepares the ground for normative policy analysis, rejecting neoliberal centralisation and exploring grounds for a revitalised democratic culture. The book will be a rich and provocative resource for academics, graduate students, theory-minded activists and critical practitioners alike.'
Jonathan Davies, De Montfort University


  Pub Date:

November 2015


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