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Permissions for using content in other publications or on websites

Interested in using material from one of our books?

To reproduce text, images or anything else from ECPR Press publications, please use PLS Clear.

Requests to reuse content from ECPR Press/Rowman & Littlfied International are now being processed through PLSclear. Please visit Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) to complete your request.

Copying content

All content in ECPR Press books is copyrighted and permission is required to reproduce any information. To make this easier for you, the ECPR Press works with the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) to provide access to our content for institutions, business and authors. Copying of content and the use of extracts and other licensing can be organised through PLS, which also manages fees. Your organisation may already be registered with PLS, but if you require furter information please visit

Author’s rights for reuse and institutional archiving online

As an author or co-author of an ECPR Press title, you have certain rights as to the reuse and institutional archiving online posting of your work. Our policy below outlines what is available to you without needing to seek further permission from the ECPR Press.

After an 18-month embargo period following initial publication, as an author you have the right to:

  • Post a maximum of one chapter or 10% of the edited version of your manuscript in an institutional or subject-based repository.
  • Reproduction within coursepacks or e-coursepacks for your own teaching purposes, (with the proviso that the coursepacks are not sold for more than the cost of putting packs together).

 Permission for these reuses is granted on the following conditions:

  • That the material you wish to reuse is your own work and has passed the 18-month embargo period.
  • That full acknowledgement is made on the cover page of the original ECPR Press publication stating [Title] by/edited by [Author/editor], [year of publication], reproduced by permission of ECPR Press [link to ECPR catalogue if available, or ECPR website].
  • In cases where you co-authored the work, it is your responsibility to obtain usage permission from your co-author(s).
  • That posting in institutional or subject-based repositories includes a link to the work on the ECPR Press website entry for that title; and that the material is NOT distributed under any kind of fair use style licences (e.g. Creative Commons). The link should be embedded within the document itself. 

Please contact for any further information.



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